A Great Quote

On Thursday, August 2oth, celebrations were held at Norfolk State University in honor of the new access to the elevated platform that crosses Brambelton Avenue. This platform was moved there to satisfy then NSU President at the cost of $7 million dollars.

Later, when it was realized that the access to the Light Rail platform was on the west side of Brambelton Avenue and many people were taking chances with their safety by crossing an often-busy Brambelton Avenue, HRT erected a fence in the median strip that cost in excess of $20 thousand dollars.

Over time, it was realized that students would simply jump the fence, a new access to the Norfolk State University platform was constructed for over $1 million dollars which has increased the amount of money to accommodate NSU officials and make things safer for everyone has cost in excess of $10 million dollars.

In light of all of these mistakes, cost overruns and poorly considered decisions, we think that former Virginia Delegate Algie Howell’s assessment of the situation is spot-on: