Celebrating wasteful spending

August 20th was a great day in Norfolk as the 4-year anniversary of the Hampton Roads Tide was celebrated at Norfolk State University. Of particular interest was the ribbon-cutting of the new access to the elevated platform that serves Norfolk State University (NSU) located on the east side of Brambleton Avenue, allowing for students and faculty as well as the public to have safer access to the campus of NSU.

The original redesign of the platform to conform with “then-NSU President Carolyn Meyers expressed concerns that light-rail access immediately next to the school would pose security risks from unauthorized people entering campus. Meyers also didn’t want commuters on the elevated platform peering into the backyard and pool of her university home” has cost taxpayers approximately $10 million dollars. Source-Virginian Pilot December 7, 2014

Celebrating 10 million dollars in cost overruns

This video was posted to the Hampton Roads Transit Twitter account on August 20th, 2015

These photos taken at the NSU Platform appeared on Hampton Roads Transit’s Twitter account on August 20th, 2015.

No Cause for Celebration

Aug3NSUHowever, on August 3, 2015, when our photographer bought a $4.00 ticket for the Tide and rode it from the Military Highway Station to the NSU Platform he was immediately approached and told by HRT Staff as well as the Norfolk Police shown in this photo that he was not allowed to take photographs of the Tide. Apparently, HRT staff and Police had “security concerns” about our photographer.

After nearly an hour standing on the NSU platform, being checked by police to see if he had any active warrants for his arrest on-file and speaking with officials from HRT in-person and by phone, our photographer had his I.D. returned to him by the police officers, was eventually allowed to take his photos and board the train to return to his vehicle at the Military Highway park and ride.

Quote of the Day

Many people in positions of power do not always do things that’s going to best serve the people, this was a prime case.” ~Former Virginia Delegate Algie Howell at the NSU platform Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, August 20, 2015