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We need to send a loud, clear message to our City Council that this is something we do not want.

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advertisementgraphicYou can click the image or the advertisement I recently ran in the Virginia Beach Beacon or, download a PDF version, simply write the word “NO” on it and mail to:

John T. Atkinson
No Light Rail Virginia Beach
2411 Whaler Court
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

You can also include a donation via check made out to “John T. Atkinson, Light Rail Fund” to help us with advertising costs for newspapers, radio and social media efforts.
Remember, those who support Light Rail have spent almost $500 thousand dollars in a media campaign to pass the referendum. We need to compete against these interests.

Use Social Media to Spread the Word

networkIf you agree that bringing Light Rail to Virginia Beach is not a good idea, you can use the power of your own social media network and E-mail contact list to help spread the word to other concerned citizens of Virginia Beach.

Social Media has been a force-multiplier in the public debate arena and has helped thousands of good causes receive the attention and results they deserve. Even if you cannot make a monetary donation at this time, you have powerful tools at your disposal that can help raise awareness to this issue and help share more information about the true costs of Light Rail to just about every person you know.

facebookYou can help spread the word to your network of friends, neighbors and family by using the social media tools on our website. Just click the Facebook or Twitter button to share or use the E-mail forward button to e-mail your network about our efforts.

Share any concerns, talk about the costs involved and ask yourselves “where will all this money come from and who will pay it?”

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Share Your Opinion with Virginia Beach City Council

governmnet3In order to help make our point, we need as many Virginia Beach residents and taxpayers to join with us to tell our elected leaders that Light Rail is a project that costs too much and delivers too little.

However, if citizens do not take the opportunity to speak out against this project now, our elected leaders will simply assume that everyone is okay with it and proceed forward. If you are concerned that Light Rail will be a burden on your family or your children’s future, the time to speak up is now.

Please take a moment to sign our online petition and your message will be sent directly to every member of Virginia Beach City council. Also share it with all of your social media contacts so we can make our voices heard.

As always, be polite and treat our elected leaders and city officials with the same respect you would like to receive.

We Do Not Want Light Rail in Virginia Beach.

Dear Mayor Sessoms and Membes of Council,

I am writing this message to ask you to reconsider bringing the Tide Light Rail to Virginia Beach.

This will be a very expensive project and I do not feel that it is the best use of our tax money.

I also think that in the years to come, the ongoing operating costs of the Tide, if extended to Virginia Beach, may come at the expense of our police officers, firefighters, school teachers and other municipal employees who work hard to make Virginia Beach the greatest city in the world.

I oppose the extension of the Tide and I hope that you will use your vote to prevent the Tide project coming to Virginia Beach.

Thank you.


1,003 signatures

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contributeIn order to reach as many voters as possible, contributions to help us purchase radio, television and print advertising are necessary.

Your contribution will help us obtain the resources we need to compete with those who support Light Rail and have demonstrated their willingness to spend $5000, $10,000 or whatever it takes to make sure their point of view is the only one you hear.

You can make a contribution to our cause online.

After you make an online contribution, please use the Townhall feature that will appear after your payment is complete and leave us your comments. We will share your (polite and appropriate) comments on our website with your first name, last initial (to protect your privacy) and the city in which you live.