The Count is in!

Thank You NLR Volunteers!

After a chaotic day covering approximately 40 polling stations, No Light Rail Virginia Beach volunteers gathered over 7,500 signatures on our petitions to put the following question on the November, 2016 ballot;

Should the City Council of Virginia Beach spend local funds to
extend Light Rail from Norfolk to Town Center in Virginia Beach?

While this effort might have fallen well-short of the stated goal of 27,000 signatures, the following facts should be noted;

  • With small amounts of funding and resources, we have started a movement that is gathering momentum,

  • With little advance notice, we were able to cover 40% of all the polling locations in Virginia Beach,

  • We received petition signatures from approximately 10% of the registered voters that came to the polls on election day,

  • We will be doing more petition drives in the future throughout our city,

  • We have changed the course of the debate from Light Rail at any cost and given our leaders pause,

  • We are working towards giving Virginia Beach voters an opportunity to vote “YES” or “NO” on a simple, clearly-worded ballot measure on Light Rail.

The credit for all of this belongs to those who have stepped forward, volunteered their time and demanded that the City Council of Virginia Beach hear the voice of the voters-we applaud you, one and all!